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Ethical behavior is critical to the success of your organization. Many factors can affect how employees respond in ethically gray situations, including conflicts of interest, fear of failure, and business pressure. To ensure you have a strong ethical compass, you need to be informed and prepared.


Course Overview

Prerequisites: None

Expertise Level: Beginner

Duration: 30 Minutes

This course helps you understand what business ethics are and why they are so important. Learn how to apply ethical standards to your work with stakeholders and coworkers, and report any ethical issues that arise. The topics include:

  • Identify ways to minimize compliance and policy issues.
  • List several good practice techniques of personnel security
  • Summarize on various contracts and agreement types
  • Outline techniques used to secure digital data.
  • Discuss methods to manage diversity and inclusion.

Course Currilcum

    • Intellectual Property 00:04:00
    • Contracts and Agreements 00:08:00
    • Data Retention 00:02:00
    • Personnel Security 00:03:00
    • Employee Privacy and Security 00:03:00
    • Employment and Termination Security Procedures 00:02:00
    • Managing Diversity and Inclusion 00:03:00
    • Business Ethics 00:10:00