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Protect your organization against cyber crime through education

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To enroll in this complimentary service, the Information Security Administrator for your organization should fill out the form on the registration page. Directions will then be provided on how to roll out the service to your entire organization.


Stay ahead of attackers with threat-intelligence driven training for all


Training Compliance

The training courses cover key attack vectors, how to protect against threats and addresses compliance topics to meet regulatory requirements.


Customised Branding

It is possible to customise the portal using your own logo and branding to fit your organisational needs and preferences.


Digital Certificate Program

Employees receive Industry recognized digital certificates and badges upon course completion that provide verifiable evidence of expertise.


Administration Module

Actively monitor the progress of all your users with a simple dashboard and easily track employees that have and have not completed the course.


Change User Behavior and meet the compliance requirements
With cybercriminals increasingly targeting employees in order to gain control to corporate networks, it’s more important than ever to ensure your employees know how to recognize when they are being attacked. Training is also vital if your organization need to comply with regulations like SOX, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, & ISO 27001.

Our training courses are researched and developed by E Com Security Solutions, a world-class team of cybersecurity experts to equip your workforce to recognize and prevent current cyber threats and help you meet industry regulations.
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Meet compliance with specially-designed training
Once you complete a course on Academy, you receive a certificate of completion and a badge that you can download or share to social media sites available and to add it to your digital signature. The certificates can be validated in Academy portal to verify achievement.

E Com Security Academy credentials demonstrate the level of proficiency and related technical skills a graduate has achieved and are valued and recognized by the global IT industry.


Customize the Academy platform using your own logo and branding
It is possible to customize the academy platform using your own logo and branding. Elements such as content and tests can also be adjusted to fit your organizational needs and preferences.

The academy hosting can be deployed into client learning management systems as part of staff training requirements; or hosted on the E Com Security Academy learning platform where academy will support user rights management and administration.


Demonstrate the effectiveness of your security awareness program
Regularly training your employees is a critical component of compliance and security. E Com Security Academy tracking reports can support your organization demonstrate the effectiveness of your security awareness program with objective data by tracking of which employees have and have not completed the course.

For white labeled platforms, your information security administrator will be able to actively monitor the progress of all your users with a simple dashboard.