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Your journey to business-centric cyber-security starts here

Upon successful registration, we enroll your account in our cloud-enabled learning platform in alignment with the required e-learning course category and send the activation details via email. If you require any further assistance, please reach to our support team.


Simple and effective e-learnings created to accommodate different learning styles and learning on the go

Practical Case Studies – highly proven business practical scenarios reflecting current state situations drawn from various industries. We blend technical expertise with real-life experience in training development and delivery

Quality Assurance – through affiliation with Global and National accounting bodies. Academy is certified and approved by the HRDA and participants are awarded a Certificate of Training confirming the total number of training hours

Course Content – developed by cyber-security experts of E Com Security Solutions, a big 4 cyber security firm helping over 4000 organizations globally across 20 industries and over 150 countries

The Academy applies up-to-date training methods and techniques, including business games, simulations, facilitated discussions, and interactive visualization. Tried and Trusted by the Industry’s Leading Authorities, Analysts, and Associations.

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